September 8, 2006

My First Blogoversary!

Yep, it's been exactly one year since I started this blog last September. It seems now like I've been blogging forever and sometimes I wonder how things were before I discovered the blogosphere.

It's been a great experience blogging, reading other blogs, befriending bloggers, and being a part of this unique community. It's a cliche, but I really have learned a lot over the past year about many issues going on around the world and how these same issues and events are interpreted and analyzed in so many ways.

I definitely wouldn't have thought that blogging would bring me closer to my Jordanian heritage. But upon discovering an active and vibrant Jordanian blogging community, I instantly became addicted to reading every new post and relating it to what I experience when I visit Jordan every year. I know that when I first applied to get on Jordan Planet the administrators wondered if they should add me when I don't live in Jordan, rarely blogged about Jordan, or even identified myself as Jordanian. They may have seen my early political rants and lots of posts about the situation in Palestine, but nothing distinctly "Jordanian." But I thank them for adding me because I did begin to feel like I could relate to some Jordanians who shared similar interests and concerns about the world. I already wrote about how JP has affected my life and my blogging back in May, so I don't want to repeat everything I said.

And of course I'm grateful to be a part of Palestine Blogs and DC Blogs both of which provide me with an opportunity to learn more and meet more bloggers everyday and always be inspired by them.

As I browsed through my archives last night, I noticed how much my blogging style has changed over the past year. I started off with a lot of random rants about different political events although I feel that has changed into more calculated and thought out analysis of different political and social issues that concern me. While this may not appear to be a very personal blog, and that is how I intended it, politics and activism are a lot of who I am so I don't have to write about my own life for this blog to be personal. Palestine, Iraq, Darfur, and most tragedies of our day that I write about are personal to me because I feel that I am in some ways contributing to the suffering of these people, unless I speak out against it. Even on social issues such as the problems I see in Jordanian and Arab society as well as my own surrounding American community, I enjoy speaking my mind on these issues through this space of mine.

Blogging by yourself is one thing, but getting people to read your posts and interact with you is a completely different experience that adds so much flavor to blogging. It's not really about the number of people that come across my blog, but those that take the time to leave a comment or drop me an email thanking me for a post, or arguing with me on an issue. I know that there are readers out there who do not feel comfortable leaving comments or writing emails, but they are always here listening to me and somehow I can feel that.

So thank you to those bloggers who became my first friends and supported me when I barely got a couple of hits everyday and to everyone else who has since stopped by and found a way to interact with me and learn something new from my blog. I hope my posts continue to grab your attention and make you question and reflect on what is going on out there. Soon I will begin working on improving the visual appearance of my blog and adding more features which I think you will enjoy. I'm open to suggestions so please let me know if you have anything in mind!

Thanks again for reading and Happy Blogoversary to me :o)

On this occassion, I thought I would list some of my favorite posts. Enjoy!

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At 2:56 PM, Anonymous Iman said...

Hi Moi,

You have a very eloquent way of expressing your thoughts. You space is one I visit daily, hoping to find the latest of your thoughts on the very pressing issues in the world. Keep them coming...They are very insightful!


Every now and then, it would be wonderful if you can treat your curious readers (Me being one of them :D) to more of some relatively personal posts... I think I might have given you your first 'personal' post in sometime now. Check for it on my site!

Mabrook again, qand keep your stimulating posts coming!

At 4:48 PM, Anonymous alb sayed said...

Congratulations. 3o2bal meet sana :) Ok, maybe not 100, but at least a few more years of your writings would do the world some good.

Keep it up.

At 12:08 AM, Blogger A.J said...

Congrats!! ;)

At 12:24 AM, Blogger salam said...

ya mabrook!

At 5:42 AM, Anonymous Abed. Hamdan said...

Alf Mabrook,

you are an honest and decent blogger, which is really rare! All the my best nshallah :)

At 9:30 AM, Blogger moi said...

Iman-- You're so sweet, thank you for your kind words :) I will definitely try to have some more personal posts, and I'll get to your tag thing soon!

alb sayed-- hehe, why not a 100 more years? I wonder what will become of blogging in 20 years anyway! Thank you for your words of encouragement :)

a.j. and salam -- thank you :o)

Abed--Allah ybarik feek :) Thank you for your kind words and for following my blog from early on!

At 3:44 PM, Blogger Fatima said...

Congrats, moi.

At 9:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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