October 22, 2005


the US says *immediate* action should be taken after the UN releases its report on the assassination of former Lebanese PM Hariri.
let's get the SC together, get out our draft resolution for sanctions cuz some arab country did something BAD, and let's hit 'em where it hurts most! hehehehehehe (evil laugh).

yes, syria should be held accountable, and lebanon deserves answers. but where does the US come in? are they like the godparents of the lebanese people? since when does the US have lebanon's interests in mind? cuz i don't remember the US telling Israel to get its troops out of lebanon after the 1982 invasion? do u?
if anyone has been directly involved in lebanese affairs, it's the israelis. syria and lebanon need to work this out themselves, maybe with the help of the UN investigators, not the UN SC.
don't tell syria to get out of lebanon when you stayed quiet about a near 2 decade Israeli occupation of lebanese lands.

how many times do i have to say, i hate double standards.

October 20, 2005

rap... pali style

inspiring. really it is. these guys are great. they are the philistines. and EI just wrote about their latest event. i love seeing young people using their talent to promote the cause of justice. you can download a few free mp3s from their new album here. my favs are "no compromises" and "born here". can't wait for my cd!

meanwhile... in palestine...


October 13, 2005

shame on the world

i want to be more cheerful but everything in this world is pretty much depressing. the earthquake is overwhelming. i cannot believe how many tragic natural disasters have occurred within the past 12 months, it's really unbelievable...

what bothers me most, however, is that it appears that some people's lives are worth more than others. how sad. we're in the 21st century. everone talks about human rights. why don't we value all lives equally? why is it that hurricane katrina victims seem to have more value to their lives than victims of the south asian earthquake? why do 1,000 deaths in katrina and a few hundred thousand who are made homeless deserve to be on the cover of the Economist, deserve world wide attention and financial support (kuwait gave $500 MILLION) while victims of the earthquake don't get a fraction of that? is it because they don't live in the most powerful country in the world? is it because they live in shacks, have one meal a day, and don't carry ipods and cell phones? shouldn't their poverty make it even MORE essential to provide them with MORE assistance? kuwait gives their muslim brethren in south asia $100 million...PLEASE explain to me how the HELL that makes sense?! please explain to me how the hell that makes sense when half of pakistan and india work in kuwait as underpaid laborers? is that the reward they deserve for helping to build that country?! or is it because the pakis and indians didn't help to *liberate* kuwait from Saddam Hussein's attack?

i hate double standards. i just hate them.

i'm not trying to say that kuwait's contribution is bad, no, $100 million is definitely going to help A LOT...but when you put it next to the 500 million given to the most powerful and rich country in the world to assist in rebuilding towns that were destroyed and helping the people who lost their homes and jobs, COMPARE that to a 2-3 MILLION who are now HOMELESS in pakistan, kashmir, india and who's family members who've worked in kuwait their whole lives helped to build that country, that's when i must say that 100 million is NOT ENOUGH.

and its not just kuwait, really. the European Union's contributing is unacceptable, last time i heard it was about $5-7 million...ummmm we're talking about a regional economic powerhouse here! my freakin' neighborhood can collect that much, gimme a break!

just another day in an unjust & unfair world.