October 22, 2005


the US says *immediate* action should be taken after the UN releases its report on the assassination of former Lebanese PM Hariri.
let's get the SC together, get out our draft resolution for sanctions cuz some arab country did something BAD, and let's hit 'em where it hurts most! hehehehehehe (evil laugh).

yes, syria should be held accountable, and lebanon deserves answers. but where does the US come in? are they like the godparents of the lebanese people? since when does the US have lebanon's interests in mind? cuz i don't remember the US telling Israel to get its troops out of lebanon after the 1982 invasion? do u?
if anyone has been directly involved in lebanese affairs, it's the israelis. syria and lebanon need to work this out themselves, maybe with the help of the UN investigators, not the UN SC.
don't tell syria to get out of lebanon when you stayed quiet about a near 2 decade Israeli occupation of lebanese lands.

how many times do i have to say, i hate double standards.


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