March 19, 2007

Four Years Later

Hundreds of thousands dead.
Millions displaced, internally and externally.
Homes burned, mosques destroyed, schools bombed, markets attacked, lives destroyed.
Corruption rules. The kidnappers rule. The murderers rule.
Welcome to Iraq, four years after liberation.

53% of Iraqis have a close friend or relative who has been hurt or killed in the war violence.
86% worry about a loved one being hurt.
51% say they try to avoid leaving their homes.
70% report multiple signs of traumatic stress.

In November 2005, 63 percent of Iraqis felt very safe in their neighborhoods. Today just 26% say the same.
33% don't feel safe at all.
In Baghdad, 84% feel entirely unsafe.
In 2005, 54 percent said their power supply was inadequate or nonexistent; now it's up to 88%. In 2005 just 30% rated their economic situation negatively. Today it's 64%.

say they lack the freedom to live where they wish without persecution, or even to move about safely.
48% cite security as the single biggest problem in their lives, up from 18 percent in 2005.

97% of Sunni Arabs and Shiites alike oppose the separation of Iraqis on sectarian lines.

42% think their country is in a civil war; 24% more think one is likely.

Three in 10 say they'd leave Iraq if they could.

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Letters to the editor, on the 4th anniversary

At the anti-war protest this weekend in Washington, D.C.:
walking towards the Lincoln memorialprotestersmore protestersrallyhow many more?Mr. Busha sea against the waragainst the wardrop bush, not bombscounter-protesterscrossing the bridgethe casualties of the warthe casualtiescasualtiesmothersagainst the warleading the packMr. Bushiraq veterans against the warheading home

My thoughts on the 3rd anniversary of the war (and pictures)

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At 9:16 PM, Blogger Sakura Kiss said...

So sad, not to mention the worry over possible disappearances of loved ones. I'm glad you posted some statistics, in times like this it's gather this kind of information.


At 3:44 AM, Anonymous Abed Hamdan said...

awsome post!

I think the best thing to do now is to attack Iran. Liberation to Iran, just like the one established in Iraq.

At 12:11 PM, Blogger moi said...

sakura kiss-- Disappearances and kidnappings are all too common in Iraq today...

abed-- Yeah, I agree...I'm getting sick of Iraq news... an invasion of Iran would definitely be a nice change...I can't wait!


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