January 24, 2007

Rockin' Da State of Da Union

Even though I don't expect to see anything spectacular in the State of the Union Address, the political junkie in me makes me watch it in full every year. I enjoy looking at the attendees facial expressions and claps in coordination with what the president is saying. It's also fun to see how many smirks Dick Cheney can manage to pull off before the end of the speech, how many times Ted Kennedy will roll his eyes, and how many times Bush will say "nukelar". That's what I call good entertainment.

As I found my self dozing off towards the second half of the speech, I thankfully woke up in time to see the live action scene from the gallery where the NY construction-worker-turned-hero received a much deserved recognition by the president for saving the life of a man who had fallen on the subway tracks. But apparently, Wesley Autrey thought he was receiving a Grammy Award or something. I couldn't stop laughing as the president pointed to the gallery where Autrey was seated a few seats from Mrs. Bush. The man was beaming, and when the president looked up at him, he jumped up and started blowing kisses to the crowd, mouthing to the president "you da man" and flashing peace signs on his chest and just relishing his five minutes of fame. Even Bush looked like he was desperately holding himself from cracking up on the podium. It was indeed a moment to remember, and I'm sure everyone's eyes were wide open after that expecting another entertaining scene at the speech. If you missed it, the YouTube clip is below.

More Kodak moments (courtesy of Yahoo News Photos)

"oh my God, you already know what I'm going to say?"

"he's shaking my hand!!! ahhhhhhh!"

Pelosi: look at Condi, she wishes she was in my place! HAHAHAHA!
Cheney: no, no, look at the idiot Kerry, he still thinks he's running for president!
Bush: shutup you two, I'm getting scaaaaared!

If that guy can be president, I'm sure I can too!

Wesley Autrey waving to the crowd. You da man! (more below)

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At 11:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOOOL! that was funny! did u notice, after he touched his mouth (from blowing kisses) he shook laura bush's hand.. lol.. nice post!

At 11:35 AM, Blogger moi said...

Anonymous-- yeah, I noticed that, and she had a somewhat hesitant look on her face, lol. Glad you enjoyed it :)


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