January 22, 2007

The Lean Mean Smearing Machine

What happens when a Latino, a woman, and an African American decide to run for president of the United States? Well first of all, the neo-conservatives start to crap in their pants. After they take some of the pink stuff, they power up their lean, mean, candidate smearing machine!

Officially or unofficially, the election smearing campaign has begun. Several Democrats have announced the formation of "presidential exploratory committees," which is basically just a bunch of people getting together trying to guess how many hundred million dollars the candidate will need to win the nomination. The most prominent of these are of course Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator Barack Obama, Governor Bill Richardson, and former vice-presidential candidate Senator John Edwards.

The smearing has already begun most prominently against Senator Barack Obama. Calling him "Barack Osama" was just a lame beginning. Then the "real stuff" appeared.

"He's really an undercover Muslim!" (Forget the fact that he's an openly Christian man who has been part of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ for decades)

"His middle name is Hussain! Like Saddam Hussain!!!" (grow up! He is named after his father who was a Kenyan Muslim. Barack lived most of his life with his non-Muslim mother and converted to Christianity as an adult)

"He even studied in a MADRASSA!" (at age SIX, Obama was living in Indonesia, a Muslim-majority country, and he attended Muslim and Catholic schools there. They were not religious schools. And I'm sure at age six they would begin making him memorize the whole Quran and apply the Sharia in his daily live, right? He was S-I-X for God's sake!)

Whether it is Clinton's peeps who are spreading these rumors or it's just the lean, mean, neo-conservative smearing machine, the msm is having a field day with it.

Sadly, this is the kind of publicity Barack Obama is getting today. Forget reality TV, these elections are going to be SO entertaining.

And just in case you're still worried that a "Muslim" (aaaaahhhhh!) will become president, rest assured, the polls already indicate that he's behind Clinton.

My premature guess? Edwards will win the nomination. And then we'll all start snoring again.

(Photo from Wikipedia, with my lame attempts at humor scribbled on in red)

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At 11:25 PM, Blogger Sakura Kiss said...

You know, I it's sad to hear adults say "I wouldn't vote Barack Obamba, because his last name rhymes with Osama" eeeeeekkkk!

I mean seriously, this whole thing is rather childish.

At 12:04 AM, Blogger الفلسطينية said...

you really think Edwards will win- against hillary? this whole thing is quite funny- all of sudden obama isnt black anymore- he's muslim. only, he's not muslim. i so don't want hillary to win this- even if she is a 'woman'.

At 11:38 AM, Blogger moi said...

sakura kiss-- extremely childish, unfortunately.

الفلسطينية-- yes I do believe Edwards has the strongest chance, even against Hillary, because he can appeal to the South and Midwest more than she can. We all know how important that is. But hey, if Virginia can vote for a Democratic senator, then maybe there's hope!
And about Barack, yeah, he's not black enough but apparently he's Muslim enough?!


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