November 7, 2006

Latest Results from VA Senate Elections-- Webb vs. Allen

I'm hooked on the VA General Elections website that updates the results every few minutes or so. This is so nerve racking! So far Webb, the Democratic candidate, has been trailing by less than 1%. I'll keep updating this as it changes:

9:52 PM, 88% reporting: Allen leading by 0.4%

9:56 PM, 90% reporting: Allen leading by 1.3%

10:00 PM, 90.3% reporting: Allen leading by 1.23%

10:02 PM, 91.53% reporting: Allen leading by 0.84 % (yessss, please keep going down!)

10:20 PM, 92.63% reporting: Allen leading by 0.96 % (nooooooo!)

10:40 PM, 94.31% reporting: Allen leading by 0.55%

10:56 PM, 95.6% reporting: Allen leading by 0.62%

People, we're talking about less than ONE percent here! We're talking about RED hot Republican majority Virginia where only a few weeks ago Allen had a SIXTEEN percent lead over Democrat Jim Webb. If the result difference turns out to be less than 1 percent, the candidates can ask for a recount. If the difference is less than 0.5%, the state pays for the recount.

This is a nail biter!

11:24 PM, 97.26% reporting: Allen leading by only 0.31% (I can't tell you how exciting this is!)

11:48 PM, 97.67% reporting: Allen leading by only 0.13% (ahhhhhh!)

With less than 2% of precincts left, here's some of my analysis. As you can see here, the only localities left with significant votes to be tallied are:
Prince William County, Fairfax City, and Richmond City. All of these localities are leaning (some heavily) to the Democratic side, which means this could really make the difference for Webb! When he came on tv a little while ago, he said that they are confident that out of the votes left to be tallied, most will be in his favor.

Now, at 12:00 AM, with 99.10% reporting, Webb is trailing by ONLY 0.07%!

12:42 AM with 99.26% reporting, Democrat Jim Webb is now leading by 0.08%!
(yes I'm still up!)

***As of 10:01 AM*** Wednesday morning, with 99.84% reporting, Democrat Jim Webb is leading by 0.30%. Late last night, Webb declared victory while Republican incumbent George Allen has refused to concede. The votes are indeed too close to call and a recount looks eminent. If that does happen, the votes will likely take weeks to be recounted and verified and the majority of the Senate might hinge on these results.

Who knew that good old Virginia could be interesting?!

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At 10:37 PM, Anonymous Davo said...

The political ads disgusted me more than usual. Smear campaigns almost turned me off of voting at all

Peace on Earth


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