September 14, 2006


So our friend Iman decided to get inspired a week ago and inspire us all with her, so here it goes :o)

Name: me? moi? ana? :P
Childhood ambition: i don't remember having one in particular, but many which include being a journalist, a teacher, or a highly influential person that could make a difference in the world. [this question stumped me!]
First job: information services at my university
First ‘real’ job: what's a real job?
Fondest memory: childhood innocence
Retreat: sitting by the Potomac River
Wildest dream: winning the Nobel Prize for Peace
Proudest moment: when someone tells me I've changed the way they view the Palestinian issue or the way they view Muslims
Perfect day: when I can accomplish everything on my to-do-list and still have an extra hour to do whatever I want
Indulgence: shoes, handbags, chocolate (and jewelery)
Soundtrack: the best of savage garden
Last purchase: $10 on my Metro card
Alarm clock: my annoying cell phone alarm, but I usually wake up a few minutes before it rings
People: i've got them all figured out
Favorite book: not one in particular, most of them are in my profile
Most used expression: bala baradeh! (stop being silly )
Inspiration: failure and success
News source: Aljazeera on tv, BBC/AP/Reuters for quick online news, newspapers for analysis
Religion: indeed a way of life
Biggest challenge: maintaining hope in humanity
Education: is everything, cannot be compromised
Pain: no pain no gain
Happiness: stability

I didn't expect this to take me so long but I really had to think about some of them! Thanks Iman, as if I have enough brain cells to burn ;)

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At 3:22 AM, Anonymous Abed. Hamdan said...

bala baradeh <== HaHa

you want a Nobel prize for peace ??

you won't get it, as long as you're honest :D

Good luck in your life :)

At 11:29 AM, Anonymous Iman said...

Moi? cool name :p

What's a 'real' job ... Let's see...when you go to school, major in something you enjoy so much, graduate and land a job doing exactly or for the most part what you went to school for! to me, that's a 'real' job!

Thanks for your answers...ugh! took you long enough! just kidding :D

Enjoyed reading them!


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