April 8, 2006

Under the weather

It hasn't rained for a while here, we're actually experiencing "drought conditions" in the DC metro area and this weekend has brought some much needed sprinkles. Much needed...as if we would die without it, like the millions in the Horn of Africa. We just turn the tap and the water gushes out in every variation from cold, warm, to scolding hot. We just don't know how lucky we are...

It feels like a Sunday today because it's been raining and gloomy pretty much all day. Those poor people at the Cherry Blossom Parade were bummed out.

I like a rainy day every once in a while of course. Especially during this transition from winter to spring, as the grass turns from a burnt out brownish gold to lush green, subhan'Allah, it's beautiful.

Such a blahhh mood today, I think because my head feels weird because I'm "down with a cold" and might've taken one too many Tylenol. Went to the library to get books on grammar and Excel. Ehh. I have a job interview on Monday and they want to test my grammar and Excel abilities! I haven't looked at a grammar book since 9th grade...and I'm not a big fan of Excel either. I know it makes cool spreadsheets that add up lots of nice numbers, but I'm not really a numbers person. Anyway, I guess this will be a good refresher course.

I'm off to buy ridiculously cheap products that were manufactured in China by human beings who weren't paid nearly half what they deserve. We live in a sick world.


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