April 6, 2006

UK Jury: British Journalist Murdered by Israeli Soldier

A British jury reached a unanimous verdict that an Israeli soldier intentionally murdered British TV journalist James Miller in May 2003. The 34-year-old award winning cameraman was shot in the neck in the Rafah refugee camp as he was shooting a film about the impact of violence on Palestinian children.

"Based on the evidence laid before us we the jury unanimously agree that this was an unlawful shooting with the intention to kill Mr James Miller," the jury's spokeswoman said.

"Therefore we can come to no other conclusion than that Mr Miller was indeed murdered. It is a fact that from day one to this inquest the Israeli authorities have not been forthcoming in the investigation into the circumstances surrounding Mr Miller's death."

The Israeli government acquitted the soldier for "lack of evidence."

Witnesses had told the inquest that Israeli troops shot father-of-two Miller at close range even though he wore journalist insignia and waved a white flag.

The Israeli army last April cleared an officer, identified only as Lieutenant H, of any wrongdoing in Miller's death, drawing an official protest from the British government.

In a statement, the Israeli Embassy in London said it regretted Miller's death.

Miller had been shooting the film "Death in Gaza" which was completed by his colleagues after his death, and subsequently won 3 Emmy Awards in 2005.

Expect justice anywhere in the world, except in Israel.

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photo courtesy of The Guardian


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