March 13, 2006

Tell Congress to Stop Punishing Palestinians

The current Republican controlled and heavily AIPAC influenced 109th Congress has decided that democracy is simply not right for the Palestinians, unless they vote for corrupt and ineffective politicians such as Mahmoud Abbas and his cohorts. Since the Palestinian people decided to punish the likes of these corrupt politicians who have been in office for decades by voting them out of office in January's free and fair elections, the US House has responded by introducing a series of bills condemnig the new government, limiting funds to it, and emphasizing their continued support for Israel, our 'special friend'.

These are the bills being introduced and will be voted on this week (click to view full text):

H.R. 4681- Palestinian anti-Terrorism Act of 2006 (House version)
H.R. 4668- Limitation on Assistance to the Palestinian Authority Act of 2006
S. 2237- Palestinian Compliance Act of 2006
S. 2370- Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act of 2006 (Senate version)

Click here and enter your zip code to find your elected representatives and their contact information (click below the pictures to get phone #'s). It only takes a few minutes to give their offices a call, indicate you are a constituent, and request that your representative vote against the above bills.

Remember that 64% of the Palestinian population lives under the poverty line. In Gaza alone, the rate is higher, 78% live under $2.20 per day, with more than half classified as extremely poor (living under $1.60 per day). Unemployment in Gaza and the West Bank hovers around 30%. This dire humanitarian situation does not need to be exacerbated. More international aid is needed rather than existing aid withdrawn.

Congress needs to put an end to the double-standards. You either want democracy in the Middle East or you don't. The Palestinian people have been punished enough; they shouldn't be punished again for voting for change.

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I shadow your thoughts and agree completely


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