March 29, 2006

Photoblog: Mason Madness

A huge pep-rally was help in the main student union on Wednesday to support the team before they left for Indianapolis in the afternoon. The atmosphere at Mason is indescribable!

Huge pep-rally yesterday at the Johnson Center at GMU

President Alan Merten and Coach Jim Larranage got the crowd hyped up

The Johnson Center was *packed*!

Celebrating with loooots of cake :)

After the pep-rally, we went to watch the Patriots practice at the Patriot Center, got their autographs and took pictures with them! Fun stuff :D

the team practicing rebounding

Coach Larranaga chatting it up

team practice at GMU's Partiot Center

Lamar Butler speaks to the press

Kryptonite Kids! Good luck in Indy!

Jai Lewis speaking to the press after the practice

*all photos are copyright of moi

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