March 14, 2006

Olmert's Election Campaign Continues

Ehud Olmert follows in the war criminal footsteps of Ariel Sharon as the date nears for the Isreali elections on March 29th. In a typical campaign stunt, Olmert ordered an attack on the Jericho jail which was holding the head of the PFLP Ahmed Sadaat who Israel accuses of assassinating former Israeli tourism minister Zeevi (who openly supported the idea of 'transfer' of Palestinians, otherwise known as 'ethnic cleansing'). The siege of the jail resulted in the death of two Palestinians, and injured many other prisoners who had been forced out of the facility, many stripped down to their underwears. And of course, Israel got what it wanted: a show of force for the Israeli public.

American and British monitors left the compound hours before the Israeli incursion and quickly denied any responsibility for the aftermath of the attack. It's never their fault.

More of this should be expected in the coming days, as Israeli leaders flex their muscles in an attempt to compete over who is the best choice for a prime minister that can torture, kill, and oppress more Palestinians.

Brought to you by the "only democracy in the Middle East"!

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