March 26, 2006


It's an unbelievably amazing feeling to win when you are the underdog. George Mason University just had its most amazing game IN HISTORY! 11th seeded GMU beat top seeded University of Connecticut in game so close they had to go to overtime. We thought we had won at the end of the original time, but a layup by U Conn made the basket in the final 7th of a second, yes 0.7 of ONE second!!! My sister and I were jumping up and down thinking the game was over and we won (almost twisted my ankle), only to find out that the U Conn shot made it before time was up and the score tied, 74-74.

Going into overtime was miserable as we had been so close to a win. The points went back and forth, with Mason keeping the edge most of the time. Fouls by U Conn helped Mason ensure a 5-point lead with 1 minute left until the end of the game. It was a nail biter but WE WONNNNNNNNNNNNN an amaaaaaaaaaazingly close game!

NOBODY in their right mind would've bet on a team like Mason which has never even entered the NCAA quarter-finals. Barely anyone outside the DC Metro area even knew where Mason was. The largest public university in Virginia and the most diverse in the nation, Mason is largely a commuter school that lacked the national attention college sports teams usually garner. This has definitely changed, and the Cinderella school is now in the Final FOUR! We have nothing to lose because we've never gotten this far, we are ECSTATIC!


[photos courtesy of GMU and Yahoo News]

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