February 12, 2006

Snowy Sunday

(start from the bottom)And that's the hill right behind my house that I went sledding on... the only problem is it has a steep ending, which doesn't make for a comfortable landing, lol, especially after an hour of shoveling the driveway!

In the 'woods' behind my house.

This winter has been the mildest I've seen in this area in years! We haven't had snow since early November, and the cherry blossom in front of our house was starting to show its buds until the snow came and covered it. How pretty :)
This is what most of the Northeast woke up to this Sunday morning. Although I can't say that every city/town in the Northeast had roads this clean! The DMV was actually prepared for this (!) in Northern VA, and we didn't get as much as NY or Phili did, probably 6 inches at my house.


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