February 11, 2006

Dirty Tricks: Playing the Terror Card

Maureen Dowd bitfesh el 2alb! The latter phrase is an Arabic saying which can't accurately be translated into English, but in general it means "hit the right nerve." So Maureen Dowd hit the right nerve! I love her writing style, oozing with sarcasm, it gets the message across in such a clear and unique way.

Dowd writes this op-ed for the NYTimes (which isn't fully available online, but here it is for your enjoyment!). Dowd discusses the latest Bush administration flops anywhere from domestic spying, to New Orleands levees, to Jack Abramoff. I don't think we will ever see another administration as unique as this one in American history... Unique in the prevalence of scandals, lies, hypocrites, cheaters, and of course, "genius" cover-up PR jocks. I'll let the Dowd explain...

Smoking Dutch Cleanser

Vice President Dick Cheney bitterly complains that national security leaks are endangering America. Unless, of course, he's doing the leaking, tapping Scooter Libby to reveal national security information to punish a political critic.

President Bush says he will not talk about specific security threats to America. Unless, of course, he needs to talk about a specific threat to Los Angeles to confuse the public and gain some cheap political advantage.

The White House says it has done everything possible to protect the homeland. Unless, of course, it hasn't. Then it can lie to hide the callous portrait of Incurious George in Crawford as New Orleans drowned.

The attorney general can claim that torture and warrantless wiretapping are legal, and can mislead Congress. Unless, of course, enough Republicans stand up and say, as Arlen Specter told The Washington Post, that if that lickspittle lawyer thinks all this is legal, ''he's smoking Dutch Cleanser.''

The president doesn't know the Indian Taker Jack Abramoff. Unless, of course, W. has met with him a dozen times, invited him to Crawford and joked with him about his kids.

The Bushies can continue to claim that the invasion of Iraq was justified because Saddam was a threat to our security. Unless, of course, he wasn't, and the Cheney cabal was simply abusing the trust of Americans to push a wild-eyed political scheme.

At the Bush White House, the mere evocation of the word ''terror'' justifies breaking any law, contravening any convention, despoiling any ideal, electing any Republican and brushing off any failure to govern.

Asked yesterday by Senator Susan Collins why the administration had reacted in slo-mo on Katrina, with ''people dying, people waiting to be rescued,'' Michael Brown replied that if FEMA had declared that a terrorist had blown up the 17th Street Canal levee, ''then everybody would have jumped all over that and been trying to do everything they could.''

Instead of just going after the 9/11 fiends, as W. promised with his bullhorn, the president and Vice President Strangelove have cynically played the terror card to accrue power and sidestep blame. They have twisted our values, mismanaged crises, fueled fundamentalist successes and violence around the world, and magnified a clash of civilizations.

It used to take an Israeli incursion to inflame the Arab world. Now all it takes is a cartoon in Denmark.

W. and Vice have wasted hundreds of billions of dollars, turning Iraq into a terrorist training ground, leaving the 9/11 villains at large, and letting cronies and losers botch the job of homeland security.

Brownie, one of the biggest boneheads in U.S. history, considered the homeland security chief, Michael Chertoff, so useless that he deliberately didn't call him right away about the suffering in New Orleans.

''The culture was such that I didn't think that would have been effective and would have exacerbated the problem, quite frankly,'' Brownie told the Republican senator Bob Bennett, who called the statement ''staggering.'' A telephone call to his boss, Brownie said, ''would have wasted my time.''

The doofus who frittered away lives e-mailing colleagues about being a ''fashion god'' and wondering how he looked on television may have just been engaged in self-protective spin. Or has the Homeland Security Department simply created another set of paralyzing turf battles?

The most dysfunctional man in government is calling the government dysfunctional.

W.'s sophomoric ''Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job'' line makes even Brownie cringe. ''Unfortunately,'' the former FEMA chief complained, ''he called me 'Brownie' at the wrong time. Thanks a lot, sir.''

In the new Foreign Affairs, Paul Pillar, who was a senior C.I.A. official overseeing Middle East intelligence assessments until October, says the obvious conclusion that should have been drawn from the intelligence on Iraq was that war was unnecessary. He says the White House ''went to war without requesting -- and evidently without being influenced by -- any strategic-level intelligence assessments on any aspect of Iraq.''

He calls the relationship between the intelligence community and the policy makers -- you guessed it -- politicized, damaged by bureaucratic rivalries and dysfunctional.

A final absurd junction of dysfunction was reached on Wednesday, when Republican Party leaders awarded Tom DeLay with a seat on the Appropriations subcommittee overseeing the Justice Department, which is investigating Jack Abramoff, including his connections to Tom DeLay.



At 7:38 AM, Blogger Nanny & Papa said...

Ms Dowd needs to go live in a Muslum country for about a week! They cut fingers off when a women is caught wearing fingernail polish.They cut off your head if you are an American.When are we going to get it! President Bush cooked his goose when he was asked in a debate who impacted his life most and he answered, Jesus.The media has been on his case since that time. America, Bless God, cause me believes God is about to take his loving hand off her if we do not humble ourselves and pray.

At 8:58 AM, Blogger moi said...

Hi nanny & papa,
You seem to be a religious person while whole-heartedly supporting Bush. Do you think God accepts what the US is doing to 'suspects' in Guantanamo Bay or Abu Ghraib? Do you think God supports the war in Iraq and the continued occupation of that country? Does He accept that the US supports brutal dictators around the world from the Middle East to Latin America?

I think that justice, peace, and security is the right of all people, regardless of religion. What the US is doing today under the Bush administration is compromising all of those.


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