February 6, 2006

Democracy Gone Wrong...AGAIN!

Once again, voters participated in elections across the Middle East that resulted in yet another upset victory. Ibrahim Al-Hakami won the title of "Superstar" in a closely contested race by 53% of the vote over the young Shahad Barmada. International observers reported problems in various SMS voting systems as well as the online system, but called on all parties to remain calm. Future, the Lebanese satellite channel that airs the show (an Arabic version of "American Idol"), warned viewers from engaging in any violent acts. Analysts fear that Syrians might continue their embassy burning rampage by heading to the Saudi embassy in Damascus to protest the results of the election. Syrian president Bashar al-Assad warned that there might have been foul play from the Lebanese producers of the show who he claimed all had grudges against Shahad because of her Syrian nationality. No word yet on reaction from the Saud royal family or the religious establishment in Saudi Arabia both of whom appear to be afraid of the repercussions of such a democratic and immoral contest.




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I hear you!


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