January 31, 2006

Bush just keeps getting his way

Today's confirmation of supreme court nominee Samuel Alito is just another episode in the dark soap opera of the Bush administration tenure. I am sure that years from now we will all remember these dark days and wish we had done more to stop the destruction of civil liberties that will forever change the American way of life. Democrats tried helplessly to delay the vote and confirmation, but the only thing they could muster today were some votes against him. The final tally was 58-42, nothing that Alito or Bush should be proud of. Chief Justice John Roberts was confirmed a few months before by a 78-22 vote, with many more Senators on his side.

Alito's record and opinions on civil rights is shameful, and even more worrying considering the situation we are in today with efforts that seek to expand the PATRIOT ACT and Bush's domestic spying policy. It's not far fetched to say that we are probably one terrorist attack away from a police state. Bush succeeded in accomplishing his goal of revamping the Supreme Court which he (and his neo-con buddies) have considered to be dominated by liberals. Alito's opinions on executive powers are also very disturbing. People for the American Way has a great website that summarizes the points against Alito. The facts can't be disputed. We shouldn't be surprised by any future fiascos by this administration.


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