January 31, 2006

and the Drama continues in Palestine

I was listening to a local DC area radio news station yesterday discussing the Hamas victory, and I almost ran into the car in front of me. Yes, I heard the infamous "civil war" line. I couldn't believe my ears, what the hell?! The anchor was asking a BBC expert about some "fears that a civil war may erupt" because of differences between Hamas and Fateh (because a few rowdy kids took part in some demonstrations and the like). We're not talking about Iraq here, but I hate how the media hypes up these things. I don't think anyone can argue against the idea that the ethno-sectarian tensions in Iraq have increased exponentially because of the American invasion and the subsequent media frenzy, especially in the US. All you hear about here is civil war. It's ridiculous and completely ignorant of the facts on the ground. Anyways, back to Hamas, which has consistently maintained an opposition to Fateh that did not reach the red lines that would likely lead to a civil war. The leaders have always had problems with Fateh, but they usually try to keep it calm so that Israel and others cannot take advantage of the disunity of Palestinians.
I found
this article on the same subject, and thankfully, someone is putting a stop to these irresponsible exaggerations,
"Representatives of HAMAS, Fatah, and of Christian origin deputies told Zaman that although they might have differing opinions; this will not lead to a civil war."

On another note, Khalid Mishaal's article in the Guardian today is very insightful on the organization's internal views and their future plans. I particularly agree with this statement,
"Those who threaten to impose sanctions on our people are the same powers that initiated our suffering and continue to support our oppressors almost unconditionally. We, the victims, are being penalised while our oppressors are pampered."

I just can't wait to hear Bush's response in tonight's State of the Union.


At 3:30 PM, Blogger David said...

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