December 13, 2005

another day in the war on terrorism

Secret CIA prisons in Europe were investigated by the Swiss on behalf of the Council of Europe. Nothing new here, secret detentions, rumors of torture, no oversight, prisoners in legal black holes...all administered by the US.
President Bush's PR team is just amazing. Can't wait for more info to emerge on this through the EU's investigation.



At 10:31 PM, Blogger guess who said...

i agree with you 100%. And at the same time it is really sad to note that how these kind of similarities exist in other isamic countries. Like for example, in Pakistan, every other person talks about progress that Musharaff gov't has made and how much money they have in treasury. and all about how we are for the first time paying loans off on time (heck thats an achievement)... but really what is it doing for poor people... Do we even care to know how poor are sitting under snow without food and their any real progress. Govt says if we continue to pay our loans on time we might pay them off in 33 years. that really means two things...
1. either no progress since every thing goes into loan payments
0r 2. Pakis need continuous unrest in Afganistan, central asia and middle east and OBL stays alive so americans keep pouring in their dollors.
OR we just stand up and say enough is enough.


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