December 31, 2005

African Concerns Ignored Yet Again

A brutal and inexcusable attack by Egyptian police on a large group of Sudanese refugees protesting in Cairo led to the despicable murder of at least 26 refugees, including 7 children. Of course the actions of the Egyptian security officials is not suprising. Just a few weeks ago they unleashed their brutality on Egyptians wanting to...(omg)...VOTE!

As the Washington Post points out, this just another 'incident' in the trend of North African governments brutalizing African refugees who are fleeing civil strife, disease, and poverty, in response to European pressures:

"The European Union has pressured North African governments to curb the migrant traffic to its shores. Compliance commonly ends in brutality. In Libya, which until recently permitted sub-Saharan Africans to enter without a visa, reports of refugees disappearing without a trace after arrest are common.

On Thursday, seven migrants fled Morocco by clambering over a razor-wire fence into Spain's North African enclave of Melilla. In September and October, hundreds of African migrants stormed Melilla and Ceuta, another Spanish possession in North Africa. In separate incidents, Moroccan and Spanish police shot at the crowds, killing 11."

The problem lies in the world's blatant disregard for the immense amount of suffering which the people of Africa face on a daily basis due to disturbing levels of poverty, people infected with HIV/AIDS, and the continuing inter and intra-state strife in various parts of the continent. Aid relief is just a small step towards the assistance of these millions of people, but it is not enough. Western countries, especially Western Europe, have an important responsibility to invest in the future of the continent because of the disturbing colonial history that is the source of such great conflict in Africa (Latine America and the Middle East) today.


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